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Do you know how to vanish a leading extension or competitor from JED in a couple of months? After reading this truelife story you will see that it’s just easy peasy.


The first place where Joomlers look for extensions is for sure JED, the Joomla Extensions Directory, which also turns it into the target of competition. Having an agile competition means splitting the profit with others. For example, Miwisoft was leading JED in 2013 and the total sales were $350K for that year. In 2014, after being removed from JED, sales dropped down by 35% for our Joomla extensions, about $230K in total which means $120K has been shared by Miwisoft’s competitors.

The way the removal happened will definitely go down in the history of CMS world because of being the most absurd decision made by a leadership team. Let me summarize the 12+ months of trouble with Joomla leadership teams.


Our extensions got reported and after investigated by the JED team, they found that 40 reviews of MijoShop was fraudulent, from 200 reviews in total. After discussions through JED/CLT/OSM, they decided that we had wrote them and suspended our account.

And the bullshit starts here. I asked numerous times, for 12+ months, to the CLT members, via email/skype and face to face in Joomla days, for the reason/proof of the ban but somehow, all of them, even the JED liaisons said that they don’t have the details of the issue. JED clearly declined sharing the proofs saying that such a disclosure will only compromise the logistics and workings of the system they have in place. As of the accused part, I had the right to ask the following question:

As an Open Source community, such a secrecy even to the accused part doesn’t make sense. We don’t even know the proof and reason of the decision. I don’t think this is the “transparency” you’re trying to bring to Joomla community so please, can you share the details with us?

But nothing changed.

Then, from a 3rd party (not JED/CLT/OSM) person I learned the only proof used in taking this decision. Those fraudulent reviews were written via proxies/VPN. None of them were attached to our Miwisoft account on JED.

I’m not sure which one is bigger but there are 2 huge fails here. The first one, the proof not shared even with accused part get shared with a 3rd party. And the second, such a critical decision, was made only based on proxy IPs.

I opened topics to discuss this issue openly, without fear, in the official Joomla forums but they were weirdly deleted and/or closed by a moderator with the pretext that the situation is still under review. After contacting the leadership again, they denied such a review process!

I tried to explain to OSM that this is clearly a competitor job but the last messages from them were:

The decision is right, we’re not obligated to give you the details why your account was suspended and there is no point on discussing this matter further.


After all of my efforts, I realized that the leadership won’t take a step back so decided to let it go.

Until this bullshit happened, we provided support to Joomla users in Turkey even by phone, for free, and organized a lot of Joomla events under the Joomla Users and Developers Association which is still located into our company. Since then, we’ve for sure stopped everything and tried our best to tell Joomla users why, how and what exactly happened, not only in Turkey but also our customers.

Thus how Joomla loose its popularity among developers and forward them to invest other platforms like WordPress.

So how to throw your competitor out of JED? Simple. Take a VPN service and write positive reviews to your competitor for a couple of months. Then report it for writing fake reviews. Even it takes a couple of months, it gives the result, as seen above. JED has 0 evidence whether the review is written by the developer or competitor.


PS: This post has not been written to attack anyone but to enlighten the Joomla Community openly about why and how Miwisoft has been removed from JED.

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  1. Agreed.

    Apart from Mijoshop there several other great extension disqualified for no reason from JED.
    The funny part: the most crooked/corrupt providers (who should be really disqualified) usually came back in few weeks…the best ones are gone for good. 🙁

    Regarding Joomla’s popularity: I’m positive it will get slowly better. Joomla in the 3.x branch getting cleaner and meaner with great ideas for 4.
    It’s hard to find a well balanced middle ground in CMS world (WordPress nor Drupal is not the middle ground) with a huge extension ecosystem. Although I create sites with both…keep going back to Joomla.

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