Arastta, the community-driven eCommerce software, announced the launch of its new service: Arastta Cloud.

Arastta Cloud is not “just another cloud eCommerce” but the only “Open Source Cloud eCommerce” platform out there. With Open Source it means that users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve the software they use on the cloud.

It offers access to all database tables and files/folders.

For sure that all of these are already available within the downloadable version of Arastta so let me list some of the values added to Arastta Cloud:

  • Quick setup
  • Hosting maintenance
  • Infrastructure optimized for Arastta
  • Support from experts
  • Backup, backup, and backup…

There is also a handy comparison chart between Arastta Download and Arastta Cloud.