Fast and optimized pages lead to higher customer engagement, retention, and sale conversions. Even incredibly patient people can’t stand waiting in lines – whether that’s at the bank, airport, or pizzeria.

So I decided to do some metrics for the active eCommerce platforms. I performed this test under PHP 5.6.19 and loaded the respective page at least 3 times so that browser (Firefox) could cache images, JS, and CSS files, if allowed by the platform. Here are the results, in seconds:

ecommerce performance metrics

As seen from the results, Arastta is faster than all others within the Home and Category pages. However, it comes second for the Product page because it loads AddThis platform for social sharing while the winner, PrestaShop, uses its own small script. When I remove the AddThis code from Arastta, it takes 0.55 seconds to load the Product page.

Note that this test has been applied on localhost with default settings that these platforms set after installation, nothing changed.